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Kitesafaris in Sardinia

Your Kite2Sail Trip in Sardinia

During the European spring and late summer we cruise in Sardinia on of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe: the Italian, better Sardinian Costa Smeralda. Book your berth on our Kitevoyager I and become part of the Kite2Sail family!


Your ideal choice to make new contacts and to share your passion for water sports. A shared cruise offers you the opportunity to kite together, exchange experiences under the starry sky and make new friends! 


Become part of our Kite2Sail family and book your berth!


Our catamaran has four cabins, each with two berths and a private bathroom. If you prefer to have a cabin to yourself, you can of course also choose this option.



In Sardinia, our shared adventure starts in Cala den Sardi, a beautiful marina about 20 minutes from Olbia Airport. 

After boarding at 6pm, we set sail immediately, seeking a lovely anchorage for our first barbecue. Over the next few days, we sail between the islands La Maddalena, Isola Budelli, Corsica and Isola Tavolara in the south. 

Our exact it route depends on wind and weather conditions. However, we discover kite spots accessible only by boat, embark on downwinders between Sardinia and Corsica and enjoy unique beaches  - often entirely to ourselves. 

In spring the Mistral provides relatively reliable wind conditions. In summer, thermal winds ensure fantastic hours on the water! If there's no wind, we pass the time with exciting no-wind-activities such as wakeboarding, wake foiling, island tours, hiking excursions or snorkeling. 

Throughout the trip, our crew ensures your well-being, assists with any concerns, and takes care of your safety. Your meals are also taken care of. But anytime you're welcome to join the preparation, help during sailing or teach us something new. 

Our Catamaran

Our Catamaran is a Lagoon 45. 

Equipped with air conditioning, a water maker, inverter, and generator it provides a carefree stay at sea. 

In total our catamaran has four cabins, each with a private bathroom. You have the option to book either a bunk or the entire cabin for yourself. 

Additionally, we have a second 40HP dinghy with us. This allows us to reach inaccessible beaches, make trips to restaurants, engage in wakeboarding or rescue you in case of emergency from deep water. 




Kitesurfing is our number one priority. Whenever we can we spend time on the water, enjoying landscapes and learning new tricks!

Are you interested?

Our cruises always take place from Saturday to Saturday


In the chart you can see all Shared Cruises. If you are interested in a Private Cruise feel free to send us your proposed date.

We are happy to welcome you on board!

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