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Kitesafaris in Sardinia

Your Kite2Sail Trip in Sardinia

During the European spring and late summer we cruise in Sardinia on of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe: the Italian, better Sardinian Costa Smeralda. Book your berth on our Kitevoyager I and become part of the Kite2Sail family!

Where: Madagaskar
Who: Intermediate - Kiteprofi
How many: bis zu 8 Teilnehmer

How long: 10 Tage 

When: on request
Wind: 22-35 Knoten

Meeting Point: Antananarivo (TNR) 

Travel details

Our meeting point is in Antananarivo. Since we come from different corners of the world, we will spend an evening here to get to know each other and settle in.

The next morning, we head off to Madagascar's kiteboarding region!

During our journey, we will visit various spots. In addition to kitesurfing, there will be cultural highlights on the agenda!

One thing is certain, it won't be boring!

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