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Kitecruises in the Caribbean

Your Kite2Sail Trip in Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda are truly paradise islands! Escape the cold winter and discover unique kite and wingfoil spots in turquoise waters, swim with sea turtles or manta rays, immerse yourself in Caribbean culture, and have the time of your life either with your friends, family, or meet like-minded individuals on board our Shared Cruises!


Shared Cruises, also known as Cabin Charters, are a great way to meet like-minded individuals and new kite buddies.

Our catamaran has four cabins, each with two bunks and a private bathroom. You can book either a bunk or a cabin all to yourself.

Best time to travel

The best time to travel to Antigua & Barbuda is during the dry season from November to July. During this period, the weather is warm and sunny, the water temperature is pleasant, and the wind is consistently reliable at 15-25 knots! This means you can use wing sizes between 4 and 6 square meters or kite sizes between 8 and 12. Overall, the climate here is similar to the rest of the Caribbean, such as in the Grenadines or the Dominican Republic.

Our travel itinerary

As flights from Europe to Antigua can be lengthy and expensive, our cruises start in Guadeloupe. From here, we set sail in the early morning of the first day heading north to Antigua (80NM). Our first kite spot awaits us here!

This remains the only longer distance, as from now on, our kite spots are always close to each other. Over the next few days, we explore new spots only accessible by boat, before embarking on the return journey from Barbuda to Guadeloupe on the last day (Friday).


We are happy to tailor our travel route to your preferences and incorporate individual wishes!

That awaits you

In addition to kitesurfing and wingfoiling, we'll also experience a variety of other activities! Antigua is super vibrant and exciting, both during the day and at night. From international restaurants to relaxing local beach bars, you'll find everything your heart desires here. On the other hand, Barbuda is more tranquil and remote, featuring unique nature, beaches, and reefs. Here, we can indulge in the fascinating starry sky over a glass of wine.

Activities like island shopping tours in Redcliffe Quay, local lobster barbecues on the beach, hikes on Mount Obama, ziplining, diving, or snorkeling – there's plenty to experience, and we'll definitely make every day a highlight! While on Shared Cruises, we collectively decide on the best activities, Private Cruises offer more flexibility and privacy.

Unser Katamaran

Our Catamaran

Our catamaran is a modern Lagoon 42. 


She has air conditioning, a watermaker, inverter and generator, allowing us a carefree stay at sea. 


Also included: a small dinghy with a 20 hp motor. This takes our crew to unique beaches, restaurants in the evening or rescues you from deep water. 


The catamaran has in total four cabins, each with two berths. Every cabin has his private bathroom. The kitchen is modern and has all necessary devices. The outdoor area is comfy and has several different places to hang around during sailing. 




Kitesurfing is our number one priority! We try to spend as much time as possible on the water, learning new tricks and enjoying beautiful landscapes!

Trips 2024

Our trips always take place from saturday to saturday.

The trips mentioned on the right are shared cruises.
For a private cruise write to us directly with your proposed date. 

We are happy to welcome you on board!


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